Are They Here Yet? Are They Here Yet?


Good things come to those who wait? Come on. We’re puppies! We’re not so good at waiting.

While our Connecticut rescue crew is taking their sweet time getting here — playing pool, catching fish and relaxing in Virginia — we’re impatiently awaiting their arrival. How can they relax and eat barbecue at a time like this?

We know, we know. We can’t leave until we’re totally ready. Once we turned 12 weeks old our Tennessee rescuers got us all up-to-date with our shots and, as we mentioned yesterday, made it so we won’t be adding to to puppy overpopulation problem. The sweet family taking care of us down here are a great team, and we know we are loved.

I’m sure we’ll find something to do around here while they travel south. There are cats to chase, shoes to chew, naps to take …

I’m Boy #1. Nice to Meet You!


Even though today didn’t turn out as I had planned, it’s okay. Really.

The nice veterinarian gave my brothers and sisters and me some sleepy medicine and the next thing I knew, well, let’s just say we won’t be carrying on the family name.

But we know it’s all for the best. Sure, puppies are cute, especially me, but there are way too many of us, especially here in Tennessee. Our rescue heroes are making sure none of us add to the problem.

Our Connecticut rescue heroes leave tomorrow to come and get us. Please wish them well, and think good thoughts about all eight of us as we heal from today’s veterinary adventure.

If you’re interested in fostering, adopting or donating, please email Stay tuned for more updates about this Rescue Road Trip!

Meet Today’s Guest Blogger!


They’re calling me Girl #3. Or maybe it’s Girl #4. In any case, I totally need a name. Especially if I’m going to be today’s “Guest Blogger.”

I’m one of eight black and white puppies living in Tennessee. Or maybe it’s Georgia. It doesn’t really matter, since in just a few days I’M COMING TO CONNECTICUT! Sorry, I don’t mean to shout, but my brothers and sisters and I are all crazy-excited to come and meet y’all.

What do you think my name should be?

If you’re interested in fostering (we now have three foster homes for eight puppies), adopting or donating towards veterinary care and other expenses, please email Stay tuned for more updates about this Rescue Road Trip!

Helping Homeless Dogs and People


Stuey and I don’t remember too much about the days when we were homeless. My human mom wrote about what it was like for me in “Roxy’s Forever Home,” but she made most of that stuff up. She’s a journalist. They do that sometimes.

But we do know that it was really hard. We were hungry and sometimes we were lonely.

Our Rescue hero Melissa came across the nice man in this picture a few weeks ago in Tennessee. He’s had some bad luck recently, but gets through every day knowing that he has his best friend with him — the sweet basset hound in the picture. She now has a whole bunch of puppies, and the man can’t take care of all of them. Melissa brought the puppies to her house, and is taking good care of them.

When our Farmington rescue heroes head to Tennessee in a few days to get the puppies, they hope to also help the man, who needs all sorts of things, like maybe a new sleeping bag and a bike.

Do you have any other ideas? What do you think we could bring him — and his best friend — that might make life a little better? There will be plenty of room in the big red Suburban on the way down (but definitely not on the way back, since those eight squishy puppies will take up a lot of room!)

If you’re interested in fostering, adopting or donating, please email Stay tuned for more updates about this Rescue Road Trip!

The Puppies Are Coming! The Puppies Are Coming!


Roxy and I are so excited! In a few weeks we’re going to meet these crazy-cute puppies. I think I’m more excited than Roxy, since I’m having an especially hard time not peeing on the floor.

There’s a sad story going on that’s about to become a happy story. There’s a man having a pretty tough time down in Tennessee. He lost his job and his home, and his best friend in the whole world — a basset hound — just had eight puppies. He needs his best friend, but he can’t take care of the puppies.

And that’s where our Rescue Heroes come in. Melissa — the same nice lady who saved Roxy and me from the side of the road — has the puppies at her house now. She’s making sure they get all their shots and that they’re spayed or neutered and they’re all healthy so they can come to Connecticut. They’ll be about three months old when they get here.

My mom, my foster mom and four boys are about to take a road trip to the same place Roxy and I were born — Chattanooga, Tennessee — to get the puppies. Even though I LOVE the smell of boys and feet and puppies, everybody keeps talking about what the big red Suburban is going to smell like after 16 hours on the road.

I bet they’ll have a fun trip and I bet these puppies will be a big hit when they arrive in Farmington. A few nice families have offered to foster some of the puppies, and some kids at the school down the street are raising some money to help pay for medicine and food.

If you’re interested in fostering, adopting or donating, please email Stay tuned for more updates about this Rescue Road Trip!

Love in a Parking Lot


Some people say that watching loved ones reunite at the airport is a happy thing to do. I wouldn’t know. I never go anywhere. Not that I’m complaining or anything, because really, there’s no place I’d rather be than at home on the couch with my family.

But today I learned about another really neat thing to do: Watching families meet their new dogs in a parking lot.

Stuey and I both rode in the trucks driven by the nice guys who help with dog rescue. And as excited as we were to come to Connecticut, it was kind of a delayed reaction for us, since we went to a foster home for a while first. We had to prove that we were awesome before we got adopted.

Today we watched as families waited — some actually jumping up and down with excitement — for their new pets. They had only seen their dogs in pictures, and today was their “gotcha day.”

So fun! My mom took this picture of a little girl named Claire, her mom, and their new best friend, Benji, who came from the South, just like Stuey and me. He got off the truck and immediately licked every face he could reach.

Claire and her family are super lucky, and so is Benji. If you’re ever in a bad mood and need some cheering up, go to the commuter parking lot with the 18-wheeler with pictures of dogs on the outside. Tell Kyle the truck driver that Roxy says hi!

Roxy and Stuey’s Purpose


Even as dogs, we know we all have a purpose in life. Some dogs are meant for greatness, like the amazing Fidelco Guide Dogs and search and rescue dogs. Some are really good at fetching (neither of us has actually grasped that skill), while others have mastered the art of running on a leash at the same pace as their owners (we both tend to get a bit too excited while running, and end up dragging our poor mom down the street.)

We may have finally figured out what our purpose is. Our mom has had to stay in bed all week. We’ve hardly left her side. (We even try to follow her into the bathroom, but she apparently likes her privacy.)

But even though she seems to hate sitting still and is wicked antsy, we’re doing our best to keep her company.

If we had thumbs, we’d bring her some coffee and fold the laundry. But we don’t, so we can’t. We do, however, know how to snuggle. We’re crazy-good at snuggling.

We know now that our purpose is to take care of her.

OMG! Doggy Bags!

The mom lady who lives here takes really good care of us, even though she hardly ever gives us people food.

But yesterday she brought us — get this — a doggy bag! We didn’t even know such a thing existed!

I know you can’t tell how awesome this thing was from this picture, since we scarfed down the gorgonzola cheese burger with caramelized onions in two seconds flat. We’re hoping that next time she goes to Plan B Burger she’ll invite us.

The only confusing part is that she didn’t seem so happy when she noticed we were eating this special treat. Humans are so strange.Image

Meet Roxy’s Friend, Katie!



I want you to meet someone. Everybody, this is Katie. Katie, this is everybody.

Katie’s a Tennessee girl, just like me. She’s being fostered with Emily’s Friends Rescue in Farmington, just like I was.

But there are a few big differences between this sweet Beagle mix and me. First, she fetches. I’m happy to chase after a dog chasing a ball, but seriously: Why would I run after a ball just to bring it back? If I’m going to go through the trouble of retrieving a ball, I’m going to chew it, not give it away. She’s got a lot to learn.

But the really big difference is that while I was adopted as a puppy, Katie doesn’t have a forever home and she’s already 14 months old. She’s wicked cute, but she’s practically a grown-up. Pretty soon she’ll be listening to NPR and going to bed early. I think I saw her checking out the neighbor’s Buick the other day.

Can you help my “old” friend find her forever people?

Stuey Will Chew No Slippers Before Their Time


I’ve got my eyes on these slippers.

They’re brand new, just arrived in a box, delivered by the guy who wears the brown clothes and pretends to like me.

But they’re not quite ready yet. I chewed a pair just like these not long after I arrived here earlier this year. Those were awesome. My mom wore them all the time, so they smelled fantastic. Mmm.

When they were replaced with a new pair I didn’t wait long enough and chewed them too early. Don’t get me wrong: They were a satisfying chew. But they didn’t really stink very much. They hadn’t quite aged properly.

So now we’re on to the third pair (available at for $79 — or “79 freaking dollars” as my mom said. Could she be mad about this? Hmm.)

But I will wait. I’ll be like one of those dogs who can sit there with a treat on his snout and not eat it until his owner says “OK.” Yeah, I’ll be just like that.

I want those slippers so bad. But I know that if I can wait even just another month they’ll smell like my mom’s feet, which is one of the best smells out there.

I can do this. I have patience. Just you watch.