Meet Roxy’s Friend, Katie!



I want you to meet someone. Everybody, this is Katie. Katie, this is everybody.

Katie’s a Tennessee girl, just like me. She’s being fostered with Emily’s Friends Rescue in Farmington, just like I was.

But there are a few big differences between this sweet Beagle mix and me. First, she fetches. I’m happy to chase after a dog chasing a ball, but seriously: Why would I run after a ball just to bring it back? If I’m going to go through the trouble of retrieving a ball, I’m going to chew it, not give it away. She’s got a lot to learn.

But the really big difference is that while I was adopted as a puppy, Katie doesn’t have a forever home and she’s already 14 months old. She’s wicked cute, but she’s practically a grown-up. Pretty soon she’ll be listening to NPR and going to bed early. I think I saw her checking out the neighbor’s Buick the other day.

Can you help my “old” friend find her forever people?

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