Stuey (Reluctantly) Goes to Camp


Hi friends. It’s Roxy, coming to you from my people’s new camp. You would not believe how great it is here. CHIPMUNKS ARE EVERYWHERE. And get this: Flying squirrels! It’s perfect. I sit in the dirt all day long and stare at these critters. Maybe it’s the cool Maine air, but I’m not even chasing them. I’m just enjoying watching them.

Stuey, however, is not adjusting so well to camp life. He got himself locked in the car, and our people went crazy looking for him. Apparently, he figured if he sat in the car he’d get to go home. Later, I heard my people talking about how the side of the car got all scratched up from some branches. You know what I think? I think the scratches are from Stuey, trying to scratch his way into the car.

I realize not everyone is cut out for camp. I’ve heard about kids who get homesick while away at camp. I get it, really. But our people are here! We go hiking! We go swimming! (No, actually, we don’t. Stuey and I don’t swim. But we could.)

How are you and your pups spending the summer? Let us know. Share vacation pictures with us. And please, send a word of encouragement for my poor, annoying little brother.

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