The Puppies Are Coming! The Puppies Are Coming!


Roxy and I are so excited! In a few weeks we’re going to meet these crazy-cute puppies. I think I’m more excited than Roxy, since I’m having an especially hard time not peeing on the floor.

There’s a sad story going on that’s about to become a happy story. There’s a man having a pretty tough time down in Tennessee. He lost his job and his home, and his best friend in the whole world — a basset hound — just had eight puppies. He needs his best friend, but he can’t take care of the puppies.

And that’s where our Rescue Heroes come in. Melissa — the same nice lady who saved Roxy and me from the side of the road — has the puppies at her house now. She’s making sure they get all their shots and that they’re spayed or neutered and they’re all healthy so they can come to Connecticut. They’ll be about three months old when they get here.

My mom, my foster mom and four boys are about to take a road trip to the same place Roxy and I were born — Chattanooga, Tennessee — to get the puppies. Even though I LOVE the smell of boys and feet and puppies, everybody keeps talking about what the big red Suburban is going to smell like after 16 hours on the road.

I bet they’ll have a fun trip and I bet these puppies will be a big hit when they arrive in Farmington. A few nice families have offered to foster some of the puppies, and some kids at the school down the street are raising some money to help pay for medicine and food.

If you’re interested in fostering, adopting or donating, please email Stay tuned for more updates about this Rescue Road Trip!

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  1. Gail Panciera says:

    We are soooo excited about your trip! We hope to be able to meet your new family of puppies because we have never forgotten our visit with Roxy. We will keep in touch.
    Thanks for thinking of us
    Mrs. Panciera’s class

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