Your New BFF?


Because I’m perfectly medium (2011 and 2012 champion: Most Medium Dog in Farmington’s Doozy of a Dog Contest), and because I’m so flipping cute, my people are often asked about my breed. I am, of course, a Little Brown Dog.

“She’s the perfect size,” they gush.

“Now that’s the kind of dog I’d like,” they say, while considering life with an incredibly medium dog like me.

Well, here’s your chance. On Saturday, Sept. 8, this little Tennessee lady — who, luckily for her, looks just like me! — will arrive in Connecticut, and will live in a foster home in Farmington until some nice family adopts her.

Her name is presently Jelena, but you could call her anything you want, really. Stuey and I can’t wait to meet her! She’s about 25 lbs., about 9 months old, and loves sleeping in her crate.

(She’s apparently house-trained, too, but I think that’s a bit too personal, and I’d really appreciate it if you people would stop talking about our pooping and peeing as if we’re not in the room. It’s embarrassing.)

Now, about the tiara. I know! It’s awesome, right? I hope she lets me borrow it when she gets here!

If you’d like more information about this Little Brown Dog, please visit or email

Roxy: The Bathing Beauty

I’m not a big fan of water. It’s not that I’m afraid to swim or anything. I just don’t like getting my fur wet. When one is constantly photographed as I am, one doesn’t want to get caught looking less than her best. 

Stuey, on the other hand, is just plain scared of the water. Since he was found in a ditch up to his neck in cold water, I can understand his distaste.

But like most everything in our lives, swimming is yet another skill at which I have managed to outshine my annoying little brother. Even without practice, and under the duress of being forced to swim against my will, I excell. Watch these two short videos, and I’m sure you’ll agree that my strokes are much smoother than Stuey’s, and I create no splash at all compared to his flailing effort.

I don’t mean to brag, but this is yet another example of why a book has been written about me, and Stuey’s, you know,  just a dog.

Click right here to see Roxy and Stuey swimming.

Stuey: The World’s Worst Co-Worker


So I was sniffing with this Schnauzer the other day and he told me something that really bummed me out. He told me that his people actually go away all day to work. I mean, sure, it’s fine if they want to work, since we enjoy those expensive bully sticks.

But gone? All day? My person’s “office” is the front porch, where she can watch me bark at all of the cyclists and runners going by. I know she loves it when I do that, because she always yells “Stuey!” when I start to bark. I love my job.

Sometimes I think I might make it a little difficult for her to work. Sometimes I can’t help but lick her face when she’s doing those boring phone interviews. And I do sort of feel bad about the times I accidentally step on her laptop and delete her writing. But I’m pretty sure she’s happy to have me as an office-mate.

Here’s a photo she took of me working hard. This was right before I fetched her a coffee and made some copies. I’m allowed a little break every now and then, aren’t I?

Accessorizing Roxy (the Nudist)



Because I’m generally a nudist, I don’t give much thought to fashion. Sure, my humans buy me the best collar-and-leash ensembles from the most exclusive boutiques (Green Dog Market in Farmington, Leaps & Bones in South Windsor.) But I try to avoid wearing anything that will detract from my expressive eyes and awesome white paws.

But today? I rocked this neckerchief. Right? My author and I were signing books and looking cute (well, she signed books and I looked cute) at the Coventry Regional Farmers’ Market, and this nice lady came over and gave me this adorable accessory. Probably because I’m so flipping cute and famous and she wanted me to showcase it for her, just like designers do for people like Sarah Jessica Parker.

Despite my usual au naturel look, I do think I look pretty awesome in this. I just might make wearing clothes a habit.

On Holiday with Roxy



You wouldn’t believe the week Stuey and I have had with our people! We’ve been banana boating, hiking, swimming and biking along the shores of Lake Champlain in Vermont. We’ve enjoyed local, fresh foods, and …

Who are we kidding? Our people totally ditched us while they went on vacation. The worst part? They left us with the trainer. She’s, like, crazy-tough on us, and doesn’t let us get away with anything.

I have never been more humiliated. I mean, I could see leaving my annoying little brother with the lady who insists that we sleep in a crate and actually listen to her. But me? Doesn’t she know who I am?

I demand to be included in the next family vacation. I’ll start packing now.