Sometimes you’ve just gotta cuddle a puppy or two. Or maybe eight.


In our 12 short weeks on this planet, we’ve seen how sometimes people are sad but then they cuddle one of us and everything seems to get a little better.

We don’t know too much about life. We’re not even sure where we’re supposed to go potty. But we’re learning about love. We’re learning that sometimes people have sad faces and they look so worried, and then all we have to do is let them cuddle us and their faces aren’t so sad anymore.

Tomorrow is the big day! We’re getting in the car with these crazy New Englanders who talk funny and heading north. We’ve got a bunch of foster families all waiting for us, and soon we’ll be in our forever homes. We even get to watch Spring happen again!

If you’d like information on fostering, adopting or donating towards our medical costs, please email

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