Are They Here Yet? Are They Here Yet?


Good things come to those who wait? Come on. We’re puppies! We’re not so good at waiting.

While our Connecticut rescue crew is taking their sweet time getting here — playing pool, catching fish and relaxing in Virginia — we’re impatiently awaiting their arrival. How can they relax and eat barbecue at a time like this?

We know, we know. We can’t leave until we’re totally ready. Once we turned 12 weeks old our Tennessee rescuers got us all up-to-date with our shots and, as we mentioned yesterday, made it so we won’t be adding to to puppy overpopulation problem. The sweet family taking care of us down here are a great team, and we know we are loved.

I’m sure we’ll find something to do around here while they travel south. There are cats to chase, shoes to chew, naps to take …


  1. Frank says:

    You are most honorable.

    My wife and I drove on two separate rescue operations to Ohio and Kentucky.
    Both trips were marathon weekends leaving after work on Friday and arriving home on Monday in the early am hours. It was an exhausting day at work!

    We intend on following your adventure.
    Be Safe!

  2. ldonner2013 says:

    My family may be interested in adopting on of the pups? Do you have any idea what their breed is? How would I get more information about adoption?

    1. The mama is a Basset Hound and we’re not sure about the dad. They’re 12 weeks old and weigh about 11 lbs. You can email for more information. Thanks!

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