Meet Today’s Guest Blogger!


They’re calling me Girl #3. Or maybe it’s Girl #4. In any case, I totally need a name. Especially if I’m going to be today’s “Guest Blogger.”

I’m one of eight black and white puppies living in Tennessee. Or maybe it’s Georgia. It doesn’t really matter, since in just a few days I’M COMING TO CONNECTICUT! Sorry, I don’t mean to shout, but my brothers and sisters and I are all crazy-excited to come and meet y’all.

What do you think my name should be?

If you’re interested in fostering (we now have three foster homes for eight puppies), adopting or donating towards veterinary care and other expenses, please email Stay tuned for more updates about this Rescue Road Trip!

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  1. Cathie Martin says:

    Did she forget to mention she has a twin? Snuggly puppy time!!!

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