Roxy and Stuey’s Purpose


Even as dogs, we know we all have a purpose in life. Some dogs are meant for greatness, like the amazing Fidelco Guide Dogs and search and rescue dogs. Some are really good at fetching (neither of us has actually grasped that skill), while others have mastered the art of running on a leash at the same pace as their owners (we both tend to get a bit too excited while running, and end up dragging our poor mom down the street.)

We may have finally figured out what our purpose is. Our mom has had to stay in bed all week. We’ve hardly left her side. (We even try to follow her into the bathroom, but she apparently likes her privacy.)

But even though she seems to hate sitting still and is wicked antsy, we’re doing our best to keep her company.

If we had thumbs, we’d bring her some coffee and fold the laundry. But we don’t, so we can’t. We do, however, know how to snuggle. We’re crazy-good at snuggling.

We know now that our purpose is to take care of her.

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