Helping Homeless Dogs and People


Stuey and I don’t remember too much about the days when we were homeless. My human mom wrote about what it was like for me in “Roxy’s Forever Home,” but she made most of that stuff up. She’s a journalist. They do that sometimes.

But we do know that it was really hard. We were hungry and sometimes we were lonely.

Our Rescue hero Melissa came across the nice man in this picture a few weeks ago in Tennessee. He’s had some bad luck recently, but gets through every day knowing that he has his best friend with him — the sweet basset hound in the picture. She now has a whole bunch of puppies, and the man can’t take care of all of them. Melissa brought the puppies to her house, and is taking good care of them.

When our Farmington rescue heroes head to Tennessee in a few days to get the puppies, they hope to also help the man, who needs all sorts of things, like maybe a new sleeping bag and a bike.

Do you have any other ideas? What do you think we could bring him — and his best friend — that might make life a little better? There will be plenty of room in the big red Suburban on the way down (but definitely not on the way back, since those eight squishy puppies will take up a lot of room!)

If you’re interested in fostering, adopting or donating, please email Stay tuned for more updates about this Rescue Road Trip!

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