Stuey: The World’s Worst Co-Worker


So I was sniffing with this Schnauzer the other day and he told me something that really bummed me out. He told me that his people actually go away all day to work. I mean, sure, it’s fine if they want to work, since we enjoy those expensive bully sticks.

But gone? All day? My person’s “office” is the front porch, where she can watch me bark at all of the cyclists and runners going by. I know she loves it when I do that, because she always yells “Stuey!” when I start to bark. I love my job.

Sometimes I think I might make it a little difficult for her to work. Sometimes I can’t help but lick her face when she’s doing those boring phone interviews. And I do sort of feel bad about the times I accidentally step on her laptop and delete her writing. But I’m pretty sure she’s happy to have me as an office-mate.

Here’s a photo she took of me working hard. This was right before I fetched her a coffee and made some copies. I’m allowed a little break every now and then, aren’t I?

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  1. Eric Eichner says:

    (MY) Stew,Addie,& G-man love having me around on and off through the day-not all day every day like your person,but much better than when I was away all day….

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