Roxy: The Bathing Beauty

I’m not a big fan of water. It’s not that I’m afraid to swim or anything. I just don’t like getting my fur wet. When one is constantly photographed as I am, one doesn’t want to get caught looking less than her best. 

Stuey, on the other hand, is just plain scared of the water. Since he was found in a ditch up to his neck in cold water, I can understand his distaste.

But like most everything in our lives, swimming is yet another skill at which I have managed to outshine my annoying little brother. Even without practice, and under the duress of being forced to swim against my will, I excell. Watch these two short videos, and I’m sure you’ll agree that my strokes are much smoother than Stuey’s, and I create no splash at all compared to his flailing effort.

I don’t mean to brag, but this is yet another example of why a book has been written about me, and Stuey’s, you know,  just a dog.

Click right here to see Roxy and Stuey swimming.

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