Your New BFF?


Because I’m perfectly medium (2011 and 2012 champion: Most Medium Dog in Farmington’s Doozy of a Dog Contest), and because I’m so flipping cute, my people are often asked about my breed. I am, of course, a Little Brown Dog.

“She’s the perfect size,” they gush.

“Now that’s the kind of dog I’d like,” they say, while considering life with an incredibly medium dog like me.

Well, here’s your chance. On Saturday, Sept. 8, this little Tennessee lady — who, luckily for her, looks just like me! — will arrive in Connecticut, and will live in a foster home in Farmington until some nice family adopts her.

Her name is presently Jelena, but you could call her anything you want, really. Stuey and I can’t wait to meet her! She’s about 25 lbs., about 9 months old, and loves sleeping in her crate.

(She’s apparently house-trained, too, but I think that’s a bit too personal, and I’d really appreciate it if you people would stop talking about our pooping and peeing as if we’re not in the room. It’s embarrassing.)

Now, about the tiara. I know! It’s awesome, right? I hope she lets me borrow it when she gets here!

If you’d like more information about this Little Brown Dog, please visit or email

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