Accessorizing Roxy (the Nudist)



Because I’m generally a nudist, I don’t give much thought to fashion. Sure, my humans buy me the best collar-and-leash ensembles from the most exclusive boutiques (Green Dog Market in Farmington, Leaps & Bones in South Windsor.) But I try to avoid wearing anything that will detract from my expressive eyes and awesome white paws.

But today? I rocked this neckerchief. Right? My author and I were signing books and looking cute (well, she signed books and I looked cute) at the Coventry Regional Farmers’ Market, and this nice lady came over and gave me this adorable accessory. Probably because I’m so flipping cute and famous and she wanted me to showcase it for her, just like designers do for people like Sarah Jessica Parker.

Despite my usual au naturel look, I do think I look pretty awesome in this. I just might make wearing clothes a habit.


  1. Kairo ( the cute red kelpie in the booth next to you where the bandana came from) says he thinks you great with or without clothes. Thanks for being nice booth neighbors and maybe we will see you again in the future.

    1. Nice to meet you too! Woof!
      — Roxy

  2. Christine says:

    I must say Roxy you do look absolutely beautiful with your accessories on. My lovely diva Ginny (also from Tennessee) loves to be “naked” as well as her sister Mila (from Arkansas) . My human daughter just oohed and ahhhed over you! I’m looking forward to reading more about you and your brother ( I know they can be annoying but, you gotta love them….anyway!). I know Ginny feels the same way about her sister.

    1. Thanks, Ginny and Mila! As long as my people don’t put that Santa costume back on me I’ll be happy!

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