On Holiday with Roxy



You wouldn’t believe the week Stuey and I have had with our people! We’ve been banana boating, hiking, swimming and biking along the shores of Lake Champlain in Vermont. We’ve enjoyed local, fresh foods, and …

Who are we kidding? Our people totally ditched us while they went on vacation. The worst part? They left us with the trainer. She’s, like, crazy-tough on us, and doesn’t let us get away with anything.

I have never been more humiliated. I mean, I could see leaving my annoying little brother with the lady who insists that we sleep in a crate and actually listen to her. But me? Doesn’t she know who I am?

I demand to be included in the next family vacation. I’ll start packing now.

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  1. Eric Eichner says:

    He He He….Addy,Stew,& G-man all went to camp this week while we went to the beach-I’m sure they feel your pain(even if camp is thier second favorite place to be)

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