Again with the Swimming?


Every time it looks as if I’m about to have a perfect day, my people do something to ruin the moment. Case in point: Today’s Mandell JCC Doggie Duathlon/Dash.

As if basking in the glory of being Connecticut’s most famous dog, greeting kids and looking cute wasn’t awesome enough, our book signing table was right next to the Oma’s Pride table. That’s right — the raw dog food people. I got treats left and right, and the nice man talking to people about this raw diet even gave me a bone. Like, a real bone. A disgusting, juicy, awesome bone. You could not imagine how happy I was.

My favorite type of dog — the Shiny Black Dog — was present in abundance. Although I thought everyone was there just to see me, the day was actually about dogs who swim one lap in a pool (crazy) and then run with their people (sorta cool.) Man, those shiny black dogs are excellent swimmers. I think. I don’t know. I was too busy gnawing on that bone to notice. Plus, I hate swimming, as you may have gathered from previous blog posts.

So the event was coming to a close, my person was packing things up, and then it happened: She put me in the kiddie pool. At first I thought they were saying I was going in the kitty pool, which would have been great, since I am kind of obsessed with chasing cats.

But no. I was subjected to the shame of “swimming” in eight inches of water, after seeing all of those big dogs paddle their way across a real pool.

I really don’t mean to be such a diva, especially since I walked away with a second totally icky and wonderful bone. But the kiddie pool? Come on. Show a girl a little respect.

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