Best. Day. Ever.



As you might imagine, I have fabulous days all the time.

Regular dogs, like Stuey and any other non-famous dogs, can have some pretty good days — days that could include bacon, belly rubs, squirrel chasing, or rolling in something smelly.

But me? I tend to have exceptional days. Once or twice a week I get to go to schools where I am the center of attention. A few hundred kids pet me and say how cute I am. And I get to ride in the front seat of the car. Both ways.

Friday, however, was crazy-good. When we arrived at Simpson-Waverly School in Hartford, it seemed like a regular school visit. But then our super-nice friend Bob started handing out copies of my book to these little kids. They all got a copy! They were all smiley and happy and so excited to get their own book, which, as you know, has dozens of pictures of me in it. What could be better?

(I’m still trying to figure humans out. Even though the kids all seemed happy, my mom was crying. Do people cry when they’re happy? People are so weird.)

Anyway, these kids all got to start their weekends by petting me, hearing about my story and the story of other dogs who are rescued and brought to their forever homes, and getting a new book.

Now that’s a fabulous day.

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