Stuey: An Accident Waiting to Happen?


You know those “accident prone” dogs? The ones who are always at the vet for some sort of injury or accidental ingestion? The ones who single-handedly pay the veterinarian’s cable bill and kids’ college tuition?

I am not that dog, really. Despite the stories you may have heard about me eating a pound of raw ground beef and an entire batch of double chocolate cookies, I really am an easy going dog. The hamburger was shaped into these cute little sliders, and they were left right there on the counter, so how was I supposed to know they weren’t for me? And the chocolate cookies?  Please. Those were just begging to be eaten.

And yes, the unfortunate photograph my person chose to use for this post makes it looks like I’ve gotten into trouble again. But I’m pretty sure it wasn’t my fault. I really can’t tell you what happened because it’s all a bit of a blur now. Let’s just go with it not being my fault.

The nice veterinarian said my dew claw got pulled away from the quick. That’s apparently disgusting, since people make funny faces every time someone says it. I have to wear this bandage for a week, which you’d think would be awful, but is actually a ticket to more treats and hugs.

So don’t feel bad for me, really. I’m fine. And please don’t call me accident prone. Maybe I just like going to the vet, OK?


  1. Eric Eichner says:

    Stuey,you are such the typical little brother…

    1. But it wasn’t my fault! I think.

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