Happy Birthday to Me, The Most Medium Dog in Town!


Can you believe it? I’m 14 today! My people keep saying I’m just 2 years old today, but I know that the only real way to count years is in dog years. Plus, being a teenager is so much cooler than being a toddler, don’t you think? Most rescue dogs don’t know their actual birthdates, but the nice lady who scooped me up and saved me when I was just a puppy said I was between five and six weeks old when she found me over Labor Day weekend in 2010.

I haven’t heard from the Mayor or the Governor yet today, but I assume they’re going to officially declare July 27 as Roxy Pelham Day. I’m pretty patient. I can wait.

Anyway, thanks in advance to all of my fans for sending along the birthday greetings and gifts. Since I have everything a girl could possibly want, feel free to order a copy of “Roxy’s Forever Home” in honor of my special day. Even though I hadn’t planned to lift a paw today, I will happily sign your copy in between my mani-pedi and my well-deserved naps.


  1. Eric Eichner says:

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Amy, Brian, Lily, Charlotte, and Sadie girl Burk says:

    Dear Roxy,
    Happy Birthday from one Tennessee girl dog to another! My family lives in Lancaster Pennsylvania and they love your book. Maybe we can see you at an event when we come to visit the grandparents in Collinsville. There seem to be a lot of us Southern girls relocating to the North so keep spreading the word!

    Lots of Licks,
    Sadie Dog

    We love your book,
    The Burk Family

    1. Hi Sadie Dog!
      I have four events coming up in August — when will you be here? I’d love to meet you and your people!

  3. Zippy Mc says:

    Gipee & Floppy also just had a Bday in July!
    Much older, hitting the 7 (human) year mark…
    -being cushy, indoor cats -not sure how many cat years that is?
    QVC s/b interested, eh?
    I can picture the most medium & you on camera now!
    aka B
    ; > )

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