In the Hamptons (not really) with Roxy


Even though it’s summer, and I’ve been told I have no school visits until September, I’ve been invited to several appearances over the past couple of weeks at local libraries. Sure, I love meeting the kids and being the center of attention, but I had thought a famous girl like me could spend the summer in the Hamptons or someplace where other important, famous dogs vacation.

Can’t you just picture me lounging by the pool with Martha Stewart’s Sharkey and Francesca? Or mingling at a cocktail party with Jerry Seinfeld’s dog, Jose?

But noooo. I’m doing the public library circuit. It’s fine, really. I get to ride in the car without my annoying little brother. A zillion or so kids pet me and take my picture. And somebody always comes through with a treat.

Last week I spent a good hour sniffing these four kids, who smelled like they had a giant dog living in their house. I couldn’t identify the breed, but I could tell he was big.

Of course, I was right. They didn’t have money with them the day we met, and they couldn’t possibly leave without getting a copy of my awesome book, which, as you know, is all about me. So they promised to send a check and look what arrived in today’s mail: There’s a picture of them with a Mastiff.

I wonder if that big boy has a place in the Hamptons.

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