The Great Puppy Rescue of 2014


They’re doing it again.

Hi, it’s Roxy. I’m stuck at home while my mom and my rescue mom and their boys are all going down to Tennessee to rescue some puppies. I hear they’re cute and squishy. That’s greatl, but have I mentioned that they didn’t take me along? So not cool.

Anyway, from what I hear, things are still pretty bad with the whole overpopulation problem down there. The puppies being rescued have a pretty sad story. Their mom — a pretty Belgian Shepherd — was hungry and about to have her puppies in a shelter in Tennessee. My rescue hero, Melissa, brought her home. She didn’t want those puppies born on the concrete floor of a shelter, so she fattened her up, and helped her deliver those little pups at home. My people are bringing all of them back to Connecticut and will find homes for all of them, even the mama.

The travelers sent along this picture of a dog they met wandering in Virginia. He was super-nice, they said, and you know how much I love the shiny black dogs. His collar didn’t have a name, but instead read “Don’t feed. Send Home.” That’s cool, except he hasn’t had that procedure at the vet that makes it so he can’t make any more puppies. Not cool. Even though he looks pretty handsome, he’s part of the problem. Sorry, dude.

I hear my people are on the road again tomorrow, and will get to meet those little puppies. I can’t wait to meet them, can you?

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