From Newtown to Hartford, Love Wins


Last January, in the tear-filled weeks following the horrible attack at Sandy Hook Elementary School, we decided to donate a copy of “Roxy’s Forever Home” to all Sandy Hook students. Many of our friends donated books, which were all dedicated and signed. We talked several times with school staff, choosing a date for Roxy to bring some therapy to Newtown, as many other therapy dogs had.

But this fall, it was decided that the students had lost too much instructional time. And the town was simply overwhelmed by donations.

So just yesterday, after talking with the principal of Sanchez Elementary School in Hartford, we made the choice to give the books to all of Sanchez’s first, second and third-graders in celebration of Three Kings Day in a few weeks. We can’t wait.

Since this anniversary is marked by both sadness and hope, it seems fitting that Roxy’s love and comfort will now be shared with children who, while not in the same situation, can certainly appreciate the importance of a secure home and caring for others.

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