Roxy and Religion


Seeing as I’m a Little Brown Dog, unaffiliated with any sort of organized religion, I was happy to start my day today with a visit to the Quaker Meetinghouse in West Hartford. Of course, I know nothing about religion, other than the fact that God spelled backwards is dog.

But this place was great. They’re all about silence. Honestly, sometimes I forget I even have the ability to bark. Occasionally I howl at my boyfriend, Panda, across the street, but I’m generally a quiet dog.

Not only are the Quakers quiet and peaceful, they have soup rather than coffee after they’re done thinking about stuff. So smart! While my mom blabbed on about rescue dogs and signed books, some nice kids fed me beef stew and bread.

So here I am, after a long day of being peaceful and cute, sitting by the fire, being as peaceful and cute as I can possibly be. If only I could get a little more of that beef stew …

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