My name is Bella.


Photo credit: AB Borreil

I know all the attention has been on the puppies, and that’s fine with me. I’m more of the quiet type anyway.

I am five years old, and my humans in Georgia decided they didn’t have time for me anymore. It sure is sad, but I’m glad that my rescue hero, Melissa, came to save me and sent me to Connecticut in the crazy red Suburban. I sat on a nice little boy’s lap for all 14 hours of the trip.

My rescuers have spent lots of time brushing me, because I hadn’t been brushed for a long time. This week I’m going to this place called Bows & Bandanas to get a professional grooming so everyone can see how pretty I really am. The great people there offered to groom the puppies for free, and when they heard I was coming to town they said I could come, too.

If you’d like to be a rescue hero by adopting me, please contact

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