They came home!


Roxy and I were crazy-excited to see the mom lady and our boys come home after being in Tennessee for a whole week. We love to sniff them when they walk in the door to see where they’ve been. We sniffed them forever because they smelled like puppies!

The big red Suburban carried all eight of those puppies home to Connecticut, and now they’re all staying at different foster homes. I can’t wait to meet them. I bet they’ll all find forever homes really fast, since everyone keeps saying how cute they are.

The mom lady seems like she missed us, too. All I want to do is sit on her lap and give her kisses while she presses the buttons on her laptop. She said her plan for today is hot yoga, wine and sushi. Even though the yoga means she’ll be gone for a while, Roxy and I love how she smells when she comes back.

We’ll keep you posted on how the puppies are doing. Which do you think is the cutest? 

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