Baby, It’s Cold Outside


As you might recall, I came here from Tennessee. You know, where it’s warm?

Not that I’d ever complain about my awesome living arrangements, but seriously: It’s so cold that my people are bringing the plants inside tonight. The plants, I tell you. If it’s too cold for plants then why on earth do I have to go out there?

Today I went to watch one of my boys run around after school for some sort of team thing. Not only did they not let me run with him, it was so crazy-cold that I was shivering.

Sure, the shivering thing encouraged a dozen seventh graders from the other team to come over and pet me, which was excellent. But here’s the thing: People kept saying I need a jacket. Or a sweater.

We dug up this puppy photo of me, taken just days after my arrival in Connecticut. I realize this picture is seven or eight months old, but I’m still just as stinking cute now.

I totally want your opinion. Can I pull off the fleece jacket look? Or does it make me look silly?


  1. Chris says:

    Roxy, you look cuter than cute in your little fleece jacket. You do it justice:)

    I have a dog friend on FB, Rufio – who wears outfits galore, you should see ’em!

  2. Karen says:

    Honestly, I don’t love the dog in sweater look. There’s something unnatural about it. As long as your people don’t humiliate you with a Halloween costume, you should be okay… But seriously, toughen up.

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