My Name is Misty.


I know what you’re thinking. I totally look like Roxy Pelham. Same cute white paws, same expressive brown eyes.

But there’s a big difference between us two brown girls. While Roxy lives in a nice, warm house with a family and comfy places to nap, I live in the Waterbury Dog Pound. The lady who takes care of us here is great, and so are the other dogs who live here.

But what I’d really like is a set-up like Roxy has. I don’t need anything fancy, but I sure would love to cuddle on somebody’s couch and maybe go for a walk. I’m just a year old and have so much to offer. I saw Roxy’s mom today, and I tried to let her know how much I want to go home.

If you’re thinking about adopting a dog, please think about adopting a dog who really needs a home. Like me.

Contact Roz at the Waterbury Dog Pound for more information: 203-574-6909.

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