Stuey: The Best Fetcher Ever

The Invisible Fence, otherwise known as The Zone of Pain, is just above the place on the driveway where the Hartford Courant guy drops the paper every morning. I’ve heard that some dogs will fetch the paper for their humans, but every time I try I get zapped.

But this week, the newspaper guy must have been on vacation, since the paper was tossed way up on our front steps. Sadly, my human mom managed to distract me each morning with a bowl of food, and I hadn’t had a chance to try this fetching thing.

I guess she wanted to eat her Cheerios without me bugging her for a change of pace, so this morning she let me out before she got the paper, and I totally fetched it! I am the best fetcher ever!

When she noticed how great of a job I did, she didn’t tell me I was a good boy, though. Hmm. She must not have had her coffee yet. I’m going to go see what else I can fetch.

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