On the Scene with Roxy


I know what you’re thinking. No, not that I’m a dog and I can’t possibly write my own blog. Of course I can. No, you’re thinking that I’m becoming too much of a diva. First my human mom writes a book about me (me!), then she brings me to a bunch of awesome TV interviews, and then she starts taking me to schools where — can you guess who’s the star — me!
But I swear I’m not becoming a diva. Sure, I got my own Facebook page well before I turned 13. And I do eat that expensive dog food the veterinarian recommends. But there is one thing guaranteeing that I will remain a regular, ordinary dog: My annoying little brother, Stuey.

Just weeks before my book — all about me, by the way — was set to arrive, Stuey burst on the scene.

“Ooh, look how cute and tiny he is,” people would say. Ugh. Really? As if tiny is something of which to be proud. I’ll have you know I won “Most Medium Dog” at last year’s Doozy of a Dog Show here in Farmington. (By the way? In Farmington? Everybody knows me. Nobody knows Stuey. Just sayin’.)

Anyway, back to me. I have big plans for this here blog. I’ll keep my fans posted on my whereabouts, letting you in on secrets to getting into the best, trendiest and most exclusive dog parks. Plus, I’ll keep you up-to-date on my upcoming book signings and appearances. Not that it’s going to be all about me. Well, maybe a little.


  1. Jackson says:

    I know how you feel! I was the center of my human family until my brother ‘KODA’ came along, and now he is bigger than me !!!!
    Life is unfair!!!

  2. Karen says:

    Aunt Rosemary doesn’t like dogs, but she likes your blog.

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